Fatma Jaupi

“Preferences for the best schools for our children — a future that includes a fine education and the recognition of children’s natural strengths and weaknesses — has always constituted the foundation of counselling and discussions in our family. We began looking for the best college for our son years ago. It was not easy to find the golden key to match his strengths to the college best suited to develop those capacities.”

“Studenio helped support and guide us to the best choice we could make for our son. We travelled together to colleges and interviews in which we discussed all the options with professors, directors, and students. I am delighted to say that my son and I, and the whole team at Studenio are thrilled with the college he has chosen. It is this experience and their kind cooperation that has made us the very good friends we are today. Thank you for being at our side when we needed your help the most!”

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