When you ask a child want do you want to study when you grow up, they might not have an answer. If you ask them where there a big possibility they say one between Oxford and Cambridge. Two names that resonate culture, discipline, the highest form of education that everybody wants to be a part of. Students dream of one day saying I went to Oxford, I was among the best of the best. It is a statement of sorts, and if other schools help you open the doors to your future, Oxford opens gates.

But to be part of it, it’s not that easy.

First of all, you start with a UCAS application that needs to be filled, followed by some written work on the subject you want to study. No need for you to write a whole book, the word limit is only 2000. Look through your high school papers, maybe you will find something interesting.

If your results are not that good for Oxford, you will need to sit through some additional exams to determine if you will proceed with the interview. Keep in mind, these are Oxford tests, so you should read a book or two.

If the tests results are as you expect, you will be shortlisted for an interview, where your application will come to life. You will be one step closer to your future.

Now let’s talk about some real tips. The above can be found at the Oxford website too, we just summarized them a bit.

It might seem a bit intimidating, and it is supposed to be like that, you enter one of the most prestigious Universities in the world.

Tip number 1 might be cliché, but is one of the most important. Believe in yourself. How can you convince the man that is standing in front of you that you deserve to be in that school if you are still not sure yourself? Take a moment of pride, and write that piece of paper in the best possible and be brave in the interview. The people that have entered those doors for the first time had nothing more than you do.

Second, apply for the subject you like. Don’t study economics, just because you might have a good job, and don’t go for fine arts, just because it’s cool.

Turn your hobby into a job. In order to be successful, you need to love what you do. Show your love for the subject in the interview too. It will boost your confidence and make feel comfortable. And if you get into Oxford, then you will enjoy every single minute of it.

You can put it like this, Oxford is a challenge maybe one of the hardest out there. But think about this, you will sit in the same seats as men who have changed the course of history have. Around the world, people dream of having the chance to enter those gates once in their lifetime and you have the possibility to do it every day. So think about it, if you are struggling with your paper or are scared the interview, read this article again and think about your future.