What does it take to enter one of the most prestigious Universities in the world?

Well since the first moment you hear that question, you know that the answer is going to be long so let’s take it slowly. In this big question, there are smaller questions that hide waiting to be answered. Some more evident than others.

Now first let’s address the elephant in the room.

YES, you will need good grades. They show your work ethic, which is extremely important for Cambridge professors, and also shows you are a high-achiever and can maintain that same level throughout your years there.

Second of all, read all you can. Your high school syllabus will not be sufficient. Why?

Well firstly, the information is not enough to get you prepared for the university years, second, reading a bit more doesn’t hurt anyone. It offers you more material for you interview while preparing you

for the thousands of pages, you will need to read while being there.

Speaking of the interview. Don’t think of it as a test that if you won’t pass you the whole world will shatter right in front of your eyes while your future will be in severe danger…no.

Think of it as a friendly conversation. Convince yourself that you deserve to be part of this University, that you have what it takes to become one of the few that says proudly I studied at Cambridge University. Choose your field of study based on your preferences. Choose the subject you love, you feel comfortable with. The subject you know more of, so when the interview takes place you show your desire to learn more about it, that you are ready to read one more book, research one more hour, write one more paper about it.

And if you do this, the interviewer will understand and will welcome you.

See, desire and will to work is what makes the interview go well. We are not saying that the grades are not important, but we are more than numbers on a sheet of paper.

The Cambridge staff will appreciate that and be ready to help you with anything you need. Show them your commitment and you will be part of their team in no time. So be brave, you have an opportunity that not everyone has, make the full of it. Silence the world and make it yours. The people that have changed the world might have sat in those seats before you, but they had nothing more than you.

A couple of books, a pen and clear ideas for their present and future.