We face them every day, what do I wear, where do I go for lunch, what book do I read. These decisions shape your personality and show how you represent yourself to the world.

One of the hardest choices someone makes in his lifetime is the field of study.

What career do I pursue?

Will it be worth it after 20 years?

There are questions that pop into the heads of students since the first day he/she starts thinking about his/her future. A future that will be affected by the outcome of these decisions.

A choice that is only yours to make. Many people ask themselves What do I study?

In my opinion, the right question would be: What field of study is right for me?

If a man is happy in it what he does, he will also be successful, and everyone’s goal is to become successful.  The decision must be made not based on what statistics say. We are not robots to believe only in numbers, they might be important but not world-changing.

You must think of this period as a journey, long, maybe sometimes hard and tiring one. But if you truly like what you do, the fact that is hard makes more appealing and it pushes you. If you are artistically gifted pursue, a job as an accountant crunching numbers all day, maybe it’s not for you, while if you are the best in math in your class maybe it could be fitting.

It has to be a process of self-discovery when you might make questions you have never thought of. A tip we can give, maybe the best is to turn your hobby into your field of study and maybe in the future your job.

You enjoy drawing building and are good with your hands, you can become an architect.

You write for your school’s paper, why not become a journalist.

Choose something you feel comfortable with, but also where you can challenge yourself. Imagine bigger buildings, bigger projects, the tallest towers the world has seen. Don’t hold back as you are writing, give your words a voice for others to hear and if you do this with passion and determination you will become successful.

Keep these words in mind as you choose your field, but make your decision on what you want, not because you read it on a blog…